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Sochi vs Batumi 2024

January 25, 2024

There are 2 wonderful cities on the Black Sea coast.

Both do not require a visa. Lots of Russians and a very similar climate.

In Batumi it is a little rainier, but warmer. A ticket to Batumi is more expensive.

Everything else is more expensive in Sochi, much more. First of all, housing, let's talk about it)

In 2023, the Sochi market continued its growth. Contrary to the forecasts of many bloggers-analysts (sofa and not only), the collapse did not happen. What happened was +31% to the price.

The price per square meter reached 434,000 rubles, which at the current moment, at the official rate of 88 rubles per dollar, is $4,900 per square meter.

The absolute values are especially impressive. In “rubber” Moscow “only” 270,000 rubles or $3050. The difference is impressive; in Sochi it is as much as 60% more expensive.

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And now about Batumi: in 2023 there was also a takeoff and after that the market began to cool down.

The average today is 4,453 GEL per square meter. According to the popular rate monitoring service https://mapi.ge/ this is $1,700. The difference is noticeable, almost 3 times.

Screenshot From 2024 01 25 09 52 47

What do you think is more profitable? Take for almost $5,000 and wait for further growth, or take an apartment or housing in Batumi that is 3 times cheaper (we will talk about the not so obvious advantages of apartments in the following articles)

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