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Green CapeGreen CapeGreen CapeGreen CapeGreen Cape


Studios :
от $ 40,000
1-room apartment :
от $ 44,250
2-room apartment :
от $ 70,658
3-room apartment :
от $ 228,285
Cost per m² :
от $ 890 м²
Apartments :
от 29.3 до 256.5 м²
Floors :
Elevator :
Technology :
Distance to sea :
287 м

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  • white box;
  • green box;
  • fully furnished
The Green Cape residential complex, nestled in the scenic heart of Batumi, presents a diverse array of apartments, ranging from cozy one-bedrooms to spacious three-bedrooms, catering to various needs and preferences for those interested in Batumi real estate. For individuals or couples, the studio apartments at Green Cape offer an intimate and affordable living space in this charming resort town. If you're seeking something slightly larger, the one-bedroom apartments provide ample room, balancing comfort and convenience perfectly. Families, particularly those with children, will find the two-bedroom options at Green Cape ideally suited to their needs. These three-bedroom apartments ensure ample space for family members to live comfortably, featuring modern layouts and equipped with all the essentials for a fulfilling lifestyle. Green Cape stands out as an excellent choice for budget-conscious buyers seeking quality housing in Batumi.
The complex's combination of competitive pricing and high-quality living spaces makes it an attractive proposition for both personal use and as an investment opportunity. For those exploring housing options in Batumi, purchasing an apartment in Green Cape is a commendable decision. The complex's beautiful location offers stunning views of the mountains and the sea, ensuring a tranquil and serene living environment. Direct purchases from the developer are available at Green Cape, ensuring buyers the best terms and pricing while eliminating the risk of intermediary fraud. Green Cape represents more than just an apartment complex in Batumi; it's a promise of comfort, security, and a rewarding lifestyle for residents and investors alike. Whether for living or investment, Green Cape stands as a testament to quality living in this beautiful city.

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